Becoming Who You Are: A Transgender Journey

You are born in this world. Born to a mother and father. Born to be a son or a daughter. The mould is set. Your gender announced to the world. Like permanent ink on a banner. Its a boy! ,Its a girl! Its a baby! You learn to toddle. Pretty pink delicate things, Are given…

Remembering Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl began as a leader For All Souls brownies at the church She was there for all the fun and games Amongst the brownies she would perch She had a kindness like no other A heart filled with lots of love She was like the brownies grandmother Treating them all as her own We…

Now its Spring, I’m No Longer S.A.D

For My Mum Now its Spring, I’m No Longer S.A.D Its been dark for so long, Dark, damp and dank. Its been snow, wind and rain. Not in that particular order. I have opened my curtains, To grey clouds and a overshadowed sun. I have sighed, A long flattening sad sigh. I have felt trapped….


Trapped She lies in bed, Listening. Listening to the world outside. Listening to the cars passing by. Listening to voices chatting away, As they walk on by. She is stuck. Trapped in a four wall prison. Restrained by chains of her own failing health. Tubes and wires sticking out. They’ve become part of her body….