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Techno Leader

Posted: June 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Techno Leader

Tip tapping keys 

Click move, click move, click move

Rearrange, make order from chaos

Find the faces to match the names

Thousands to sort

Lots to do

Tip tapping keys 

All day through

Readjust knees 

Locking beneath screen

A cool drink

Then back to work

Tip tap, tip tap, tip tap

Brownie camp photos

The blurry I scrap

Almost ready to print

Make memories to cherish

But not there yet

So carry on tomorrow 

With the tip tap, tip tap, tip tap
By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 16th June 2016


Deep Panic

Posted: June 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Feeling this weight upon my chest today
Deep Panic

It washes over me

Like a heavy rain fall

Soaking through my clothes

Damp, wet, touch

Firstly my heart feels strange

Squashed under pressure

Trying to maintain its regular rhythm

Yet met with a frustrating resistance

My chest hurts

Tender, sore, trapped

My breath is caught

Short, sharp, quickening

I feel panic spread through my body

It paralyses me

Making me fragile, weak, lost

I fight to regain control

Taking deep slow breaths

Clearing my mind of negative thoughts

I manage to find an inner calm

Yet a feeling of dread

Still lingers on my chest

Like a weight 

I must carry

The panic within
By Katie Haigh

Photo by Katie Haigh