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You refresh my soul,

like a baby wipe on soft skin.

Fresh air when I cannot breathe.

A place to escape, where life begins.

You’re an invitation to leaves.
Colours change, capturing my eyes.

You are home, to lots of living things.

You hold memories of childhood lives.

You’re squeals and laughter on the swings. 
Scrapped knees, plasters and hugs.

Climbing up and up and up, to reach the sky.

Creepy crawlers, butterflies and bugs.

You’re the sound of a child asking “But Why?”
Precious time with my Mum, one to one.

Dogs frolic, freedom, off lease. 

You’re calm reflection and a place for fun.

You’re the place where I like to be me.
By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 20/10/2016

Photo by Katie Haigh 



Abled Boundaries 

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Abled Boundaries 
Abled bodies

Able to walk

Able to live life

Able to judge

Eyes blinded 

Outrage, shock, dismay

justified reaction

Disabled misuse 



Words that damage

Beneath a mask


Panic, anxiety, stress

Disfunctioning bodies

Urgent needs

No visual damage 

Deeply hurt

Disguised suffering

Prejudice of youth

Non existent 

without the chair

Mental illness


Taken with a pinch of salt

Break the boundaries

Change your mind

What’s on the surface

Isn’t what’s beneath
By Katie Haigh 

Photo by Katie Haigh