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Adopting a Nowhere Child: For the Kilduffs whose hearts are pure

It takes someone special

To give a nowhere child a home

It takes a lot of love

To show him he’s not alone

He’s a child whose different

Special in his needs

He needs someone strong 

To hold his hand 

To guide the way 

Steady his path 

Show him the obstacles 

That he can beat

Believe in his journey

Cherish his smiles 

Ignore ignorant whispers 

From those who don’t understand 

For he is yours

He’s your son 

It doesn’t matter

If blood is blood 

Your love and understanding 

Will brighten his days 

Your strength and dedication 

Will show him a way 
By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 24th September 2016


Dream Melody 

Posted: September 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dream Melody 
Dream a little dream of me

I’ll be counting stars

Singing Blue moon

While wondering if there’s

Life on Mars

I’m fighting all my demons

Asking if E.T is real

Just give me reason

Another love I feel

I don’t want to miss a thing

While I’m chasing the sun

You can’t take me, 

I’m free

But I’ve missed you

Since you’ve been gone
By Katie Haigh 

Picture. Starry Starry Night by Vincent Van Goe