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Jailed Within

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Know it’s a bit dark but sometimes especially late at night, the pain gets to me and writing is one of the ways I can deal with it 
Jailed Within
I feel them gripping

Tightly pressed around my ribs

Holding me in a vice

Invisible fingers pressing deeply

Between cages of rib 

Structured to give strength

Yet beneath mine

I feel weak, cracked and broken

I ache 

With a burning intensity 

Then there’s my shoulders

Unseen boulders weigh them down

Dragging on me like chains 

I pull them along with me

Continuing to live 

There presence stalks me

Along with the metaphorical steel  

Sharpening my vertebrae 

Like an unbreakable rod  

A solid jail inside me

Taunting me

Torturing me

Haunting me

Like a demonic ghost 

Who will not let me be

I want to escape

But I don’t know how
By Katie Haigh


Me and my son Jake who both suffer pain due to chronic illnesses. This was on one of our bad days 


I am the Light, I am the Dark

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am the Light, I am the Dark 
I pass through a vale of darkness

It dims me to those who see

I am afraid to shine too brightly

Because fear eats away at me

To be my true self,

I have to light up.

Cast away those shadows deep

Fight demons that would steal me

Take me away piece by piece

It takes strength to let it go

To shine vastly for all to see

But yet a small creeper of darkness

Will always remain 

Hidden, inside , part of me. 
By Katie Haigh 

Copyright@K.Haigh 14th September 2015
Photo by 

Katie Haigh 

Yesterday’s News

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday’s News 
Today is the last day

The last day

shutters will rise

Like the sun

Bringing in daylight.

The last day

Tension on door spring

Will shriek

I will no longer

Bare witness to

 a broken community

Divided by broken bricks

Of varying skins

Such hatred, such fear, 

Such we lived

We remained impartial 

Frozen in limbo

Because we do not fit 

Into their war

We were young and ambitious once 

Thinking we could sell little necessities

Top ups, bread, ciggies and so on

To start our married life

To start our family

But the battle line

Was drawn

And sides were made

We became casualties 

Caught in the middle

My wife had sort peace

But was hit by 

the broken bricks of race

And crumbled on the street

Like so many 

tossed away sweet wrappers

And cigarette buds

She was lost

 I was lost

 without her

So I had to leave

Pain, hatred, tension

It had began to consume me

No more

So as I close the shutters

The last flickers of light disappear

She is gone, I am gone

We are gone
By Katie Haigh 

Copyright@KatieHaigh 14th September 2015