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The Night the Concert Ended

Posted: May 24, 2017 in poetry

The Night the Concert Ended

Yesterday I woke to news

Morning t.v and social media

Was flooded with shock,

Dissolution and terror

As the story unfolds

My heart feels heavy

I am overwhelmed by emotions

Sadness, fear, shock

These things had happened before

And I had felt those emotions then too

But this time

It was more personal

So close to home

A place many I know have been

Where I myself have been

And being the mother of teens

A fear that they could’ve been there

It so easily could’ve been them

But then comes the missing

The lost, the wounded

Where are they?

Learning of the death toll

Shook us

It was a concert

That appealed to young people

Some teens had gone alone with friends

Their first concert without mum and dad

It shouldn’t have ended this way

Now we wait for news

News of who we’ve lost

News of whose survived

And our hearts ache for those families

In mourning, in terror, in loss

But with this news

Comes the heroes

The kind hearts, the community

Pulling together

Rebuilding faith in humanity

The effects of this will stay with us

We will always remember

The night the concert ended

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 24/05/17


For Day two of Napowrino, I have gone promptless and let inspiration come from the thoughts within.
Connection Unconditional 
She is comfort.

Warm hands to hold.

An engaging smile.

A kind heart.

Which is gratefully received.
Strawberry blond.

Like me,

She is pale and freckled.

We sound alike.

Or so I’m told.

When I answer the phone,

They think I’m her.
My Dads skin is red.

He says,

He’s “A red blooded Scots man”

And “We are English roses” 

He loves that difference.
She is by my side,

Listening to my words.

We share expressions of joy.

Those times that lift us.

Make us feel happy.

Like sunshine peeking through clouds.

We enjoy its warmth.

A moments memories.
She is holding me up.

When heavy boulders of distress,

Come crashing into our lives.

Like a bitter dark storm.

We share our rain drop tears. 

Holding each other close. 

Until it passes.
She is a non reflective surface. 

Letting my anger pass through her.

In our moments of madness. 

She lets me explode.

Because inside my spark,

Would otherwise implode.

She knows the damage it would cause.

Like a bomb,

Stripping away at my mind.
She is a rope. 

Holding our family together.

While maintaining the weight of her own burdens.

Her rope is frayed, worn.

But not weak.

She holds it strong,

Because she the one

She is home.

She is belonging.

She is Mum.
By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 2nd April 2016


Turbulent Waves

Posted: April 1, 2016 in poetry, Uncategorized
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Day 1 of Napowrimo and the challenge is to write a Lune.
Turbulent Waves
Slowly it begins 

Hard broken

I battle fierce waves
My steps leave soft prints

Fragile glass

Shattered pieces fall
Those shards cut deeply

Blood stains red

My tears wash away
Am I a pebble?

Tossed and turned 

My grains, the sea takes
I should wash myself

Dark unknown

Just like me inside
By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 1st April 2016

  Photo by Katie Haigh. Penenporth Beach. Cornwall 


Ready for scrap
Mentally drained
Worn out
Internally pained
Burnt out
Wearing thin
Wanting to be fixed
Get better
But where to begin

By Katie Haigh
10th February 2015

IMG_9935photo by Katie Haigh

Two Faced

She is just a girl
Shrouded by decision
Which path to pick
Her footsteps nervous
Tainted her heart
Fearing her choices
Careers and college
Which ones are right?

They came at her directly
Like a speeding bullet
Tearing through flesh
That once coated her life

She is just another girl
Leaving in fear
Fleeing her stalkers
Her footsteps nervous
Tainted is her home
Far away from loved ones
Grasping at freedom
Will she find a home?

It came at her directly
Like a speeding bullet
Tearing through flesh
That once coated her life

They are just girls
Different perspectives
Facing challenges
Changes will come
Sometimes unexpected
Now they face the future
To flourish from their choices
As life speeds ahead

By Katie Haigh

Copyright@K.HaighJanuary 2015

Photo by Katie Haigh
Copyright@K.HaighDecember 2014



Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
A ticking clock
The sound reverberates around my brain
Ticking and tocking again and again
My heart beat rhythm follows it’s flow
While my eye lids flicker
But will not close
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
A ticking clock

The moon lit sky
Feels like a torch in my eyes
Stars seem to flash
Like spies of skies
Can they see where,
And when my sleep lies
Tick tick, tick tock, tick tock
A ticking clock

I hear a dripping tap
With every drip and drop
It sounds like the Big Bang
And it’s just non stop
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
A ticking clock

Spooky shadows are alive
Haunting my mind
There’s no where to hide
Lay in a dark abyss
Will my sanity survive
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
A ticking clock

Time is my enemy
Strained and stretched
I look on it with jealousy
However far fetched
I feel it taunts me
With its silent night
Waiting hastily for days early light
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
A ticking clock

When will it stop ?
When will it stop?
When the tick tock finally stop?

By Katie Haigh
(C)KatieHaigh February 2014


Doing the Right Thing Until it’s Better

Pen embraces paper
Ink expanding into a sea of white
Like a beautifully smooth flow of fonts
A writers mind focused
Expecting conception of inspiration
Writing until it’s better
Writing until what’s better?
The words, the story
Or the mind of the creator
The maker, the storyteller
For the hand which holds the pen
Can carry such weighted peril
Such misery and low self image
How can the holder of this pen do right?
Because doing right for the writer is to write
So the dance continues
Pen waltzing, looping and swooping
Across its canvas
Lost in the creative flow
Doing the right thing until it’s better.

By Katie Haigh

Copyright@KatieHaigh November 2014

Photo by Katie Haigh. Copyright@KatieHaigh