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Eye Will Not Cry



He’s got a mental disorder…
Affecting his brain…

It’s why he keeps on running…
Back to her again…

At every opportunity…
And any chance he gets…

He finds his way to her…
And tries hard to forget…

The pressures and strains…
That surround his tired eyes…

His stressful environment…
Which forces him to cry…

And pine for her excitement…
The adventure she brings…

Because wandering around her…
Makes his heart sing…

Giving him chance to reflect…
To make sense of it all…

And where all his mistakes…
Vanish in her seductive call…

Those open, sore wounds…
The deep and painful scars…

Overfilled with fear and hate…
Like some flooded reservoir…

Leaving him quietly praying…
For something to hold…

To keep him afloat…
Whilst out of all control…

As when he’s feeling so lost…
In his distorted reality…

She gives him distraction…
And moments of pure clarity…

Much needed perspective…

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Ready for scrap
Mentally drained
Worn out
Internally pained
Burnt out
Wearing thin
Wanting to be fixed
Get better
But where to begin

By Katie Haigh
10th February 2015

IMG_9935photo by Katie Haigh

Two Faced

She is just a girl
Shrouded by decision
Which path to pick
Her footsteps nervous
Tainted her heart
Fearing her choices
Careers and college
Which ones are right?

They came at her directly
Like a speeding bullet
Tearing through flesh
That once coated her life

She is just another girl
Leaving in fear
Fleeing her stalkers
Her footsteps nervous
Tainted is her home
Far away from loved ones
Grasping at freedom
Will she find a home?

It came at her directly
Like a speeding bullet
Tearing through flesh
That once coated her life

They are just girls
Different perspectives
Facing challenges
Changes will come
Sometimes unexpected
Now they face the future
To flourish from their choices
As life speeds ahead

By Katie Haigh

Copyright@K.HaighJanuary 2015

Photo by Katie Haigh
Copyright@K.HaighDecember 2014


Inner Truth

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My daughters blog


Inner Truth

Have you ever felt the wind brush against your face in a soft moonlight?
Just sit outside admiring the moon and it’s glow, so many questions come to mind. Will we ever know the answers our hearts desire? over time we may, yet when we do get those answers, are they ever really true, because questions can’t be answered completely. We can never know everything, it may seem that way, but it’s masked deception. Though some may refuse to believe, we all know it deep down, the truth.



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What happened to writing a letter, compassion being an emotion instead of robotic term, talking being a discussion spoken with mouth instead of anti-social networks Thought of being social to the mind. Games being physical instead of using fingers on an iPad, phone ,computers or laptop. It may seem I’m being hypocritical after all I had to write this some how but what if we looked up from our screens or is this to much of a robotic term, I know lots of people do but not all and its fading into darkness, can’t we have a mix of old and new times.



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