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Lost Souls

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The dream I had the other night was so powerful and raw I’ve written it into a short story. Please keep in mind I am a poet and short stories aren’t my forte. But thought I’d share.
Lost Souls by Katie Haigh 

I work in the children’s care ward. Its for children who may or may not make it depending on their circumstances. Due to cuts things had changed to how they used to be. Now if you had an accident, a stroke or something else debilitating, however you are straight after is how you will be classed. And if your in class A unable to walk or talk or care for yourself you are enthanised. 
    I had become robotic in my role. The only way to cope. Sometimes we had to take the children to be enthanised. It was heart breaking but just the way things are.

But today was different. A little boy was wheeled in after a car accident. Mum and dad just had a few cuts and bruises but he wasn’t so lucky. The little boy was called Sam. He had sandy brown hair, freckle kissed cheeks. His eyes were closed so I couldn’t see the colour. Rachel, another nurse said “This one’s a blue kid”. Blue kid was a name we gave the kids who were to be enthanised. I’d seen hundreds of kids go in and out of this room but Sam had something about him. I couldn’t help but care. It was like I had a connection to him. I held his hand as the machines bleeped away. Rachel passed me his chart. Across the top in red it stated Enthanisatipn tomorrow at 5. My heart dropped. 
     I stayed with Sam all night even though my shift ended. The other nurses didn’t seem to notice. They were all too busy or if they did notice, they didn’t care. In the morning his hands started to move. He opened his eyes. Looked at me and squeezed my hand. As the day progressed he did so also. Mumbling words and he even managed to sit up. I looked at the clock, 4 pm. I looked at Sam and whispered I’d be right back. Rushing I found the ward manager. I hurriedly explained Sam’s improvement. She told me she’d ring decisions and tell me their answer. The clock ticked as I sat at Sam’s side. My heart in my mouth. 4.45 came and with it the ward manager she sadly shook her head. A single tear rolled down my cheek. I insisted I be the one to take him. I sat him in a wheel chair and rolled him down to the blue ward. 
   His parents sat their waiting. He didn’t know what was coming. They kissed him and cuddled him. Then I took them aside and told them how much Sam had improved. They could over rule the decision after all and appeal. I desperately tried to get them to understand but they said their minds were made up. 

Sam is called in, he smiles at me thinking its medicine hes having. I hold his hand not wanting to let go. His parents opposite me are holding each crying with a look of devastation and acceptance. I pull the curtain to peek through. The needle is in his arm and his face in scrunched in discomfort and pain. I see the nurses gathering around him, whispering in worried tones, their eyes shifting uneasily. A doctor injects Sam again. He body drops like that of a rag doll. His arms heavy flopped by his side, then his body falls. To me it’s like slow motion. As he hits the floor with such strength that his face is thrown sidewards and his joints crack. Sitting back down I sob uncontrollably, my head in my hands. I whisper. He’s gone…



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You inspire me.

Expand my thoughts.

Open my eyes, my soul,

To see beyond barriers. 

You embrace nature.

Seeing beauty, 

In the tiniest seed.

Seeing importance,

In the smallest life.

Your essence is selfless.

You give all you can. 

Putting others first.

In you, emotions are raw.

Sensitivity runs through you.

Because you care so much.

Sometimes you forget yourself.

You are my inspiration,

My mother, my best friend 

With you by my side,

You make me feel strong.

The love in my heart for you,

Can’t be told in letters. 

So I wrote this poem.

To show a fraction,

Of how special you are. 

You give me so much.

More than I can repay.

So remember, 

I love you,

Each and every day.
By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 16th December 2016