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Day 30, the final day and the prompt is to write a farewell style poem.

The Farewells of the Chronically Disabled

I’ve said farewell to a good nights sleep
I’ve said farewell to friends who I couldn’t keep
I’ve said farewell to nights on the town
I’ve said farewell to boogie on down
I’ve said farewell to long country hikes
I’ve said farewell to many of my likes
Like card making, jewellery making
And writing poetry with a pen
My hands won’t work now and again
So I’ve accepted this is the ‘Norm’ for me
They’ll always be challenges, I’ll never be free
I’ve said farewell to all that stuff
I live the best way I can
Because I’ve farewelled enough

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 30/04/14

Photo by Katie Haigh


Day 29 prompt is to use “Twenty Little Poetry Projects” challenge to write a piece.

She Beware!!

Her touch prickles like a cactus plant.
I swear her skin has scales,
Roughly unpleasant.
She carries with her a scent,
Of sour repulsion.
She looks and feels like shattered ice.

Her words taste bitter,
On your tongue.
And her voice shrilly shrieks.
As it echoed harshly,
Around your ear drum.
But sometimes her voice,
Is silky smooth.
Lulling the listener,
Into a false sense of comfort.

Comfort soft and safe,
Wrapping you in content.
She sees, that everyone is beneath her.
And that they are chavs.
She feels others fail in life.
By not reaching her superior standards.
She says “It’s Sickage”
When something catches her attention.

The dark wall of her soul,
Sees no light.
She has stolen,
The star scattered sky.
Replacing it,
With her empty soulless black.

She once took a hand,
To hold in kindness.
To wipe away tears fallen.
PoetKatie remembers,
Those long forgotten days.

One day she will find herself alone.
Lost without a friend by her side.
Infected heart.
A virus sickening under the skin.
She is El Diablo!
As the devil says,
“Come join us”
Be careful, not to venture to close.
You will be caught in her fly trap!

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 29/04/14

Photo by Katie Haigh

Day 28 prompt is to find a news article, and to write a poem using (mostly, if not only) words from the article. I used Manchester Evening News piece “Cannabis plant pots blossom into community art project.”

Community Pots

Cannabis plant pots
Community art
Project blossom
Drugs seized
Bold colours
Vivid designs
Rather than destroying
A novel idea
Brighten up homes and gardens
Pots painted in an array of colours
Community art
Family fun
Pride of place
Improving the neighbourhood

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 28/04/14

Art work by Ashleigh Haigh

Day 27 of Napowrimo is to write a poem using a photograph as inspiration. I have used one of my own photos from my local park which I took on one of my walks.

Night Has Fallen

The orange glow disappears
Behind shadows of blackened trees
An empty picnic bench
Offers a seated view to tranquility
Children’s climbing rocks
Silhouetted against deepening dusk
Branches stretched out across the landscape
And the blackness creeping up
Slowly covering the beauty of day
Night has fallen

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 27/04/14


Day 26 of Napowrimo and the prompt is to write a curtal sonnet. I found this one quite challenging, so hopefully I’ve followed the formula correctly.

Dark Little Secrets

Treading on broken shells, careless feet
Crunching beneath bare skin, sharp jagged edge
Destruction left behind, devastated beauty
I had took this path, on words of deceit
Now skin is torn, on the brink of a pledge
I had made promises, fear brought on by duty

So onward I pushed, knowing that I must
Through deep dark pits, I clawed and I dredged
I stared at my reflection, it was all sooty

I felt shame, I learnt to distrust
I am not true beauty

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 26/04/14

Photo By Ashleigh Haigh

It Only Takes

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Day 25 of Napowrimo and the prompt is to write an Anaphora.

It Only Takes

It only takes a moment to change direction
It only takes a hour to walk through the park
It only takes 24 hours to be one day older
It only takes a weekend to have a short break
It only takes a week of work to get a day off
It only takes a month to change a season
It only takes a year or two to earn an NVQ
It only takes a decade for a life to change
It only takes a century for the world to be a different place
It only takes time, time always ticking
And it only takes you, to hold on, with both hands, tight

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 25/04/14


Photo by Katie Haigh

Day 24s prompt has been inspired by Peter Roberts whose taken part in Napowrimo for several years now and he writes poems only about masonry. So today’s challenge is to write a poem including bricks, buildings, arches in some way. I have used the walls we have within to build my piece.

Seeking Suicide

He builds a wall
To block out the world
He sits in the centre
Alone and lost
He looks up at the light
Streaming into his pit of despair
His nails are cracked and broken
From scratching at red bricks
It’s dust coated in his blood
Desperation in solitude
Becomes intolerable
He begins to block the hole
The remaining light snuffed out
His hand disappears
With the last brick placed
A wall remains
His name carved
To say
he was here once

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 24/04/14

Photo By Katie Haigh