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Chronically Challenged 

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Chronically Challenged

I hate my lumpy bumpy bits.

I hate my curvy spine.

I hate my not so white teeth,

That aren’t straight in a line.

I hate my hunch back shoulders.

My pelvis tilted up,

It makes my fat stomach,

Stick out just too much.

I hate my wobbly clicky knees.

My jaw that tries to pop.

I hate that I feel a hundred,

When I’m only thirty five.

I hate that I have to struggle.

That I suffer when I push through.

I hate that I have to plan with precision,

Every little thing I do.

I hate that I lie awake,

When all around me sleep.

I hate that I cannot fulfil,

All my families needs.

I hate that I get very low,

Sometimes I’m really sad.

But most of all I hate,

that I have had to grieve,

For the life I should’ve had.

By Katie Haigh

copywrite@K.Haigh 03/06/17
Photo. Google image. Source Unknown 


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