Our Dog, Max

He was one of us,

Growing up,

Side by side,

With our children.

There through good and bad.

His big nose and big brown eyes,

Ready to greet us,

No matter what kind of day we’d had.

He was there at Christmas.

His first, roaming under wrapping.

Chewing happily on his present,

Wondering what all the fuss was about.

He was there for walkies,

All weathers.

Leaping through snow,

While me and my Mum,

Wobbled nervously on ice.

Jumping in the muddiest puddles,

He could find on wet and wild days.

Leaping through long grass,

On the big field.

Up Crimble Land,

Splashing in the river.

Exploring the park.

Playing with Big Red,

And many many more doggy friends.

He liked to pin the big dogs playfully,

While making sure he was still top dog.

He was sometimes a little bit cheeky,

Running off to play,

When he saw a dog.

Pretending not to hear our calls.

Definitely having selective hearing.

He also stole chocolate at Easter and Christmas.

Even though we’d keep it out of reach,

He’d find a way to get to it.

Once he ate the children’s chocolate calendars,

I was so cross I sent him out back,

But accidentally caught his tail in the door!

I was frantic getting him to the vets.

They fixed him up,

Yet after weeks of healing

On the last day of having his bandage on,

He nibbled his tail,

so back to the vets we went.

He soon forgave and forgot.

Plus he was a menace with his big tail.

Constantly wagging,

Knocking everything over.

Yet I still feel guilty,

Even though it was an accident.

He loved having his bottom scratched.

Backing up when we’d visit Grandma Barbra,

So she could give him a good scratch.

He also loved his belly rubbed,

Rolling onto his back playfully,

With his big doggy grin.

He loved his best doggy friend, Poppy.

When she arrived as a pup,

She gave him a renewed youth.

He’d roll about play fighting ,

Play tug of war and with his teddies.

He enjoyed sharing his doggy adventures with her.

Then there was the Hebden Girls,

Amy and Emma.

He had a thing for Emma,

He’d follow her around,

With Amy occasionally intervening,

To tell him off.

He also liked his friends,

Buster and Keo.

Although he and Buster,

Sometimes disagreed on who was top dog.

He was fascinated by little creatures.

Loving it when we had a pet hamster,

He’d watch it curiously.

He loved to hold it between his paws,

When it was in its ball,

They’d stare at each other intently.

He loved his Ashleigh and Jake.

Sharing cuddles, playing and walks.

He loved the day Ashleigh threw a frisbee,

While they paddled about the river roach.

He loved the day he jumped so high,

Playing with his toy with his boy Jake.

He loved lying on the coach with me,

Cuddled up close,

Stroking him at my side,

While we watched a film.

But most of all he loved his Dad.

Every day eagerly waiting for him to come home.

Sharing cuddles and naughty treats.

He was a loyal, loving and gentle dog.

Who we will hold in our hearts forever more.

Because a dog isn’t just a dog.

A dog is family.

Max was so much more.

By Autumn Willow


17th November 2018

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  1. This is a touching tribute to your dog, and your writing makes his personality come through. Max was a cute dog! Thanks for sharing the poem and photo.

    1. Poetkatie says:

      Thank you for reading it and your kind comments

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